Dailies 5/26/17: Tarot readings, a traffic light, watching one’s parents sleep, & a note to Fernando Pessoa about bananas

Jose A. Alcantara – A Note to Fernando Pessoa

We must not be afraid to buy the bananas in the street,
the yellow bananas with the black splotches,
the bananas hawked by sellers with unseemly
yet beautiful voices, the bananas that have captured

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Read Pessoa’s passage on bananas from The Book of Disquiet


Joy Ladin – Tarot Readings Daily

They’re reading Tarot cards right now,
in the little pink house with the sign in the yard.
Shadows spider across still-green lawn
whose fate, so far, defies the frosts.

Reading rest of poem



Rebecca McClanahan – Watching my Parents Sleeping Beside an Open Window Near the Sea

Needing them still, I come
when I can, this time to the sea
where we share a room: their double bed,
my single. Morning fog paints the pale
scene even paler. Lace curtains breathing,

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Wendy Drexler – Light R48 on the Storrow Drive Underpass


Praise the beam of that light that slices

through late afternoon traffic


and the faint scatter of that light

on the roadbed graded to a gradual bend.

Read rest of poem 


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