Dailies 5/23/17: If scent were white noise, doughnuts would be that scent. Also, escaping from a job, a Russian end to a divorce, & accidentally stepping on a service dog’s paw.


David Hernandez – Falling but Frozen 


By accident, mid-aisle, my heel

pressed against the paw of the service dog,

a bony softness as I


pivoted from one student desk to the next.


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Charles Bukowski – the great escape

listen, he said, you ever seen a bunch of crabs in a
no, I told him.
well, what happens is that now and then one crab
will climb up on top of the others
and begin to climb toward the top of the bucket,
then, just as he’s about to escape
another crab grabs him and pulls him back

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Jerry Williams – Russian Ending

As in some demented romantic comedy,
my wife and I divided the apartment in half.

She took the living room and I took the bedroom.
Bivouacked and bleeding, we waited for the lawyer

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Randall Mann – Proprietary


In a precisely lighted room, the CFO speaks
of start-to-start dependencies.
Says let me loop back with you.

Read rest of poem 


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