Dailies 5/22/17: Market Day, a chair, a town dreams that a tornado apologizes to them, & the time for nuance is over



Catherine Pierce – The Town Dreams the Tornado Apologizes


And then we woke up.  And our uncles

were still missing, our azaleas yanked


and gone, our dogs dashed against oaks.

But before we woke, we heard you say


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Linda Pastan – Market Day

We have traveled all this way
to see the real France:
these trays of apricots and grapes spilled out
like semi-precious stones

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Sam Sax – Doctrine

the time for nuance is over
i argue over breakfast
explaining how it’s oft used
to confuse descent—knife
through my poached egg.

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Michael Chitwood – His Chair

After lunch
and before he went

back to the fields,
he’d catch a nap

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