Dailies 5/21/17: Observations of an OB/GYN nurse. Observations before group meditation. Plus a patched sail & a lumpy father.



Molly Tenenbaum – My Lumpy Father

Inside his plaid shirt, a scurry of moles.
While he naps, a lone brave nose
whiskers the air, and they all venture out,
once, twice, three times
around his body. And hurry back in,
on a path between third and fourth button.

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Chloe Honum – Before Group Meditation 

I recall splendor.
On a borrowed bicycle,
I wobbled fast

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Lois Parker Edstom – Observations of an OB/GYN Nurse

       In memory of Dr. Tom Critchfield

The babies, CEOs of his life,
set the schedule, write the script.

They arrive in predawn hours
and the middle of the afternoon

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Marianne Moore – Under a Patched Sail

“Oh, we’ll drink once more
when the wind’s off shore,”

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