Dailies 5/20/17: city visions, a graveyard, a dulcimer duet, & a drought


R.T. Smith – Duet


Baylis Ritchie of Viper,
Kentucky, near skeletal
in this picture with his
famous daughter Jean,
picks a Cumberland
dulcimer with a willow
switch, as his girl’s hands

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Richard Hague – Drought


When we have run our passion’s heat

Love hither makes his best retreat


In Spring, thaw and rain and promise:

lilies beard the good ground


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W. S. Merwin – Windnoon

On the green hill with the river beyond it
long ago and my father there
and my grandmother standing in her faded clothes
wrinkled high-laced black shoes in the spring grass

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Emma Lazarus – City Visions


As the blind Milton’s memory of light,
The deaf Beethoven’s phantasy of tone,
Wrought joys for them surpassing all things known
In our restricted sphere of sound and sight,—

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