But after the scarred years, comes a time of white magic

(poetry diary 253-5/17/17)  since I’m in my mid-forties and am both  witnessing the graying of my own hair and the aging of older relatives and family friends, (yesterday my husband went to the funeral of a very cool family friend who was one of the policemen who arrested Jim Morrison in New Haven in 1967, for ex…. ) the topic of “Aging” is often on my mind.  I found this poem by Jose A. Alantara while exploring The American Journal of Poetry today. It put some magic into the topic.  

On Aging

 Jose A. Alantara             
I did not know childhood was a spell. 
—————————————————–Larry Levis


And that one day the incantation would wear off,
that all the princes would turn back into frogs,
that the rabbit would jump back into the black depths
of an even blacker hat, that someday, somebody

Read rest of poem 

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