Dailies 5/9/17: John Henry, Still Life with Black Boy’s Face Overlaying Project Buildings, Spring, & a Sanitarium Bell



TJ Jarrett – John Henry

If you believe what you hear, he was everywhere
from Virginia to Alabama just beyond every holler.

Which is to say he was everywhere and everywhere
he was, he was unwanted. In one story, they say it

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Cortney Lamar Charleston – Still Life with Black Boy’s Face Overlaying Project Buildings

Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, from 1990 to 2005,
hit 448 home runs over the fence for the White Sox

with the notorious Robert Taylor Homes standing just
beyond ballpark grounds across the Dan Ryan Expressway:

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Rosie King – In Spring

I’m out with the wheelbarrow mixing mulch.
A mockingbird trills in the pine.
Then, from higher, a buzz, and through patches of blue

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Sara Jane Stoner – Sanitarium Bell 

I confess, my caregivers / / / become the belfry / / / boundary
no regret / / / be a close call / / / recommend intimacy / / /
remain I close in the galloping / / / of our intersectional lists
/ / / consider which dead to want you / / / as you marry text
next / / / our lists’ insufficiency to account / / / for the flux
crux of all entanglement

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