Dailies 5/8/17: an annunciation, the way the saints live, the Owner of the Night, & someone who robbed a bank w/out meaning to



Mark Doty – The Owner of the Night

interrogates whoever walks
this shadow-lane, this hour
not reserved for you: who

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Bob Hicok – A full-service organization

I robbed a bank. Didn’t mean to.
I’d deposited a check when the woman asked,
Is there anything else? She had a great smile.
It reminded me of a waxing moon.
I didn’t want her to be a moon in vain,
so I said, I’ll take all the money in your drawer.

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Courtney Kampa – Annunciation 

Before he began to motion

with his hands, molting, almost: flinging

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Louis Jenkins – Saints

As soon as the snow melts the grass begins to grow. Even
though the daytime high is barely above freezing, even
though May is very like November, marsh marigolds bloom

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