Dailies 5/4/17: ” I never met Donald Trump but I sure have been grabbed by the you-know-what” & a kindred spirit & Water Street & a grand mal seizure



Khadijah Queen – I never met Donald Trump but I sure have been grabbed by the you-know-what

I NEVER MET DONALD TRUMP BUT I SURE HAVE BEEN GRABBED BY THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT & I really don’t even want his name in my book & I almost didn’t tell this story but sometimes it’s important to name names & the luxury of fame is that it doesn’t matter what a nobody says if you have

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Carrie Shipers – Kindred Spirit

My father doesn’t say ghost, though I know
he’s haunted. Instead he says, When they let
Uncle Marion out of that hospital, he didn’t
even move the same. He said they tried to take
his stories. He loves his fifteen uncles fiercely.
Nearly all of them drank, did time in prison
or mental hospitals, died before forty.

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Lawrence Joseph – Water Street

Nothing between us and Brooklyn Bridge
seen from our windows—on the other side of Pearl,

Dover is Frankfort, along the Bridge towards
City Hall—Governors, Staten, Liberty islands,

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Molly McCully Brown – Grand Mal Seizure

There’s however it is you call,
& there’s whatever it is
you’re calling to.

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