Dailies 5/2/17: a 12 year old girl, tears, a poem after Anna Akhmatova, & Schrödinger’s cat



Philip Fried –  The Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life
God doesn’t play dice with the world.
—Albert Einstein

Schrödinger’s cat hid out on the Lower East Side,
Incognito genius of quantum mechanics,
Preferring to use his play-dead circus tricks
To nip my mother’s calves and brutalize

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Dorianne Laux – Girl in the Doorway

She is twelve now, the door to her room
closed, telephone cord trailing the hallway
in tight curls. I stand at the dryer, listening
through the thin wall between us, her voice

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Cynthia Zarin – After Anna Akhmatova

As the future ripens in the past…
a terrible festival of dead leaves

—Anna Akhmatova

The trees talk quietly among themselves
the thrush sings its brown song brushed with blue
the roses from the bodega open in the vase

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Don Paterson – Lacrima

For years, I’d begged him for the smallest word.
Finally I cursed him with the worst I knew.
Silent skies. Maybe it was true,
and he never was? But then I heard

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