Poem posted in honor of the Yale grad student hunger strike


(poetry diary 246-4/26/17) So, this is what’s going on at the university that I work at right now:

Yale grad students go on hunger strike over union flap –  Luther Turmelle – New Haven Register – 4/25/17

I’ve decided to start only posting “poetry diary” entries when something that’s actually interesting is going on in or near my life. I thought the decision of some of our graduate students to have a hunger strike instead of going with the more effective/less hilarious move of striking & refusing to grade papers etc. during finals time was…interesting. And in a way it’s relevant to the poetry world, as so many poets these days, including myself, go through the graduate programs, get teaching assistantships, or teach said grad students, etc.  So….

I’m amused at this news, but concerned about the message about entitlement re: academics and Liberals in general that the situation might be sending out to the world.

Anyway, for some perspective on hunger strikes, here’s


Stanley Kimmel


In the tunnels of the earth

A great wind is blowing:

There is the sound of galloping horses,

There is the sound of men riding into battle–

The clatter of iron hoofs,

The cry of men swinging in their stirrups,

Riding into battle.


Hungry men are mightier than kings.

Hungry men overthrow empires.

Read rest of poem   Note: it continues onto a 2nd page.  Press the “next page” tab at the top of the Poetry Foundation page to get to the rest. 

Update: apparently it’s  not a “hunger strike,” it’s a “fast.”

It’s officially called: “the Fast Against Slow.”  i.e. the slowness of Yale to accept the grad student union.   It’s also anti-Trump.

Update 2:


They’ve built themselves a hut-like structure outside of the President’s office.  It has coffee and couches.

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