Dailies 4/20: silkworms, a pomegranate & a waltz, fishing w/one’s dad, & why don’t you ask shop clerks “How’s your day?” when they ask you the same?



Kevin Pilkington – Pomegranate

A woman walks by the bench I’m sitting on
with her dog that looks part Lab, part Buick,
stops and asks if I would like to dance.
I smile, tell her of course I do. We decide
on a waltz that she begins to hum.

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Joan Colby – Silk Poem II

Silkworms depend on mulberry leaves
The way you and I depend on trust.
Their weight increases ten thousand fold
Since hatching. Fattened as we become

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Lowell Jaeger – Praise Be

Praise be to the not-nearly-a-girl anymore
clerking at our local grocery outlet
since junior high. Single mom, moved up
after a decade of customer service

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Jacques J. Rancourt – Splake

My father casts a line, three colors deep,
and trolls. It’s cold. I zip my coat
up to my chin, think how I could be asleep
but here we are, a part of the fact.

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