did you always used to have a little jar of maraschino cherries in your refrigerator too?


(poetry diary  239-4/17/17) My mother put maraschino cherries on an Easter pie yesterday. My father mentioned that the cherries always remind him of a poem by Thomas Lux, so I looked it up this morning. A good poem about that little jar of cherries that was always in the back of everyone’s childhood refrigerator….

Refrigerator, 1957 [poem 1]

Thomas Lux 
More like a vault — you pull the handle out
and on the shelves: not a lot,
and what there is (a boiled potato
in a bag, a chicken carcass
under foil) looking dispirited,
drained, mugged. This is not
a place to go in hope or hunger.

Read rest of poem 

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