Dailies 4/17/17: The Right Foot of Juan de Oñate. I am not built for dead bodies! A tall girl running & the God of Nothingness.



Martín Espada  – The Right Foot of Juan de Oñate

for John Nichols and Arturo Madrid


On the road to Taos, in the town of Alcalde, the bronze statue
of Juan de Oñate, the conquistador, kept vigil from his horse.
Late one night a chainsaw sliced off his right foot, stuttering
through the ball of his ankle, as Oñate’s spirit scratched
and howled like a dog trapped within the bronze body.

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Louis Simpson – Tall Girl Running

There is no gene which single-handedly builds a leg, long or short. Building a leg is a multi-gene cooperative enterprise.
—Richard Dawkins

She went running by.
I never saw a girl

with such long legs.
She ran by again.

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Natalie Shapiro – I Am Not Built for Dead

bodies—my people in their tsarist shanties
wouldn’t have come seen one, only attending
funerals for their own. They came to this land
of table wakes and windowed typhoid caskets
so I could have a new life mourning

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Mark Wunderlich – The God of Nothingness

My father fell from the boat.
His balance had been poor for some time.
He had gone out in the boat with his dog
hunting ducks in a marsh near Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

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