Dailies 4/14/17: on a distant shore, the end of the sermon, an incurable cloud, & a letter to someone fifty years from now



Michael Shewmaker – The End of the Sermon

I came to in the middle of the pasture.
Rain ticked against the tractor’s hood and steam
coiled above the chassis. Thunder plowed
into the distance where the clouds obscured
the day’s remaining light.

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W.S. Merwin – On a Distant Shore

The night before sailing
from the world I had known
that now seems the ancient
world to me
it was a hot summer night
in the humming city

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Matthew Olzmann – Letter to Someone Living Fifty Years from Now

Most likely, you think we hated the elephant,
the golden toad, the thylacine and all variations
of whale harpooned or hacked into extinction.

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Adam Giannelli – Incurable Cloud 

Don’t know why, but the dog is barking.
Rain pesters the roof,
faint but incessant, like shame.
In the dark I see the tall posts
but not the wire fence that separates
the vineyard from the road.

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