Dailies 4/11/17: harmony in the boudoir, the hour before a child wakes, search & rescue, & a plane



Mark Strand – Harmony in the Boudoir

After years of marriage, he stands at the foot of the bed and
tells his wife that she will never know him, that for everything
he says there is more that he does not say, that behind each
word he utters there is another word, and hundreds more be-
hind that one. All those unsaid words, he says, contain his true
self, which has been betrayed by the superficial self before her.

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Saskia Hamilton – This Hour

This hour, while a child sleeps, before he wakes
and those arcadian hours we make together—
is it a continued arch, vaulted, open at both ends, is it
a bending?—recommence. Yes, a bending.

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Mark Yakich – Way, On This Plane All Face The Same


And yet we shouldn’t just sit

There and beat up a silver bag of peanuts


Because we don’t want

To use our teeth on it.

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Michael Chitwood – Search & Rescue

Memorial Day weekend,
the lake is thronged
with boats and jet skis,
memory’s water walkers.
He’s lost count of the drownings.

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