Dailies 4/10/17: gratitude, conscientious objectors, Saudade, & a writer



Susan Cataldo – Poem for the Family

Before I went to sleep, the soft lamplights
from the tenements across the street,
still, in the night, resembled peace.
There is something I forgot to be grateful
for. But I’m not uneasy. This poem
is enough gratitude for the day. That leaf

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Micheline Maylor – Conscientious objectors 

She’s learning to lie, in this car, right now, and to swear, too,
by the light of a taillight and its unannounced lane shift.
She’s learning to take what her teacher says by half, to use
her own common sense. She’s learning that skipping school

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Erika L.Sánchez – Saudade

In the republic of flowers I studied
the secrets of hanging clothes I didn’t
know if it was raining or someone
was frying eggs I held the skulls
of words that mean nothing you left
between the hour of the ox and the hour

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Laura Scott – and Pierre?


With his ripe face like one of those pale freckled pears
you hold in your hand and his mind shuddering across it

like a bruise – he’s legible to all the world. With his great legs,
broad and strong as the trees, he walks in and out of chapters

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