Dailies 4/5/17: an Epithalamion containing an Elm, stepping into the same river twice, imagining oneself in the 1st photograph that ever recorded the image of a person, & a hiphole



“In what is believed to be the earliest photograph that records the image of a person, (Daguerre’s ‘Boulevard du Temple,’ 1838) the rich shadow of a bootblack kneels on a corner, bent over, shining a customer’s shoe. Though the entire boulevard was very populated when Daguerre shot this canonical photograph, early photographic technology could not record all the city bustle because the camera was too slow—or were we, then, too fast?” – Robin Coste Lewis

Robin Coste Lewis – Self-Portrait as the Bootblack in Daguerre’s Boulevard du Temple

(An erasure of Grant Allen’s Recalled to Life)

I don’t believe
I thought

or gave names
in any known language.

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Jeffrey Harrison – The Same River

Yes, yes, you can’t step into the same
river twice, but all the same, this river
is one of the things that has changed
least in my life, and stepping into it
always feels like returning to something

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Hannah Fries – Epithalamion

The elm weaves the field’s late light, this hill
hanging from the tree’s roots like the moon
from its shadow and the whole
world beneath suspended.

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Gerald Stern – Hiphole

As far as the hiphole, every night I dug
into the dirt so I could put my body
partly underground on my long walk from
Lake Garda to Venice and thence to Bologna
and then third class to Florence, for the body
on either side can’t rest on a flat surface,
say a wooden floor, but when we slept in
trees we must have slept facedown on top of

Read rest of poem + one more by Stern 

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