Dailies, 4/4/17: HOPE, dealing w/racism while house-hunting, helping an old person sort belongings, & a parking lot, pre-dawn



Lisel Mueller – Hope

It hovers in dark corners
before the lights are turned on,
—–it shakes sleep from its eyes
—–and drops from mushroom gills,

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Toi Derricotte – A Place in the Country

We like the houses here.
We circle the lake turning
into dark cleavages, dense-packed gleamings.
We could live here, we say.

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Linda Pastan – Plunder


On a day of windy transition, one season to the next,
you spoke of helping your mother close her house,
of the choices you had to make—what to discard,
what to keep—as if it were your childhood itself
waiting to be plundered. You kept a Persian rug,

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Rebecca Aronson – Parking Lot, Pre-Dawn 

The only light this hour
a sheen of crisp ice refracting
from last week’s snow piles; a woman

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