“Their tales are full of sorcerers and ogres/ Because their lives are: the capricious infinite/ That, like parents, no one has yet escaped”


(poetry diary  225-4/3/17) It’s Peeps-Diorama-Making-Season! For some reason I couldn’t find a good poem on Peeps dioramas, though, (my family spent time making one for Wallingford CT’s beloved library this weekend.) The topic might be too sweet for a good poem. 😉  Here, though, is Randall Jarrell’s “Children Selecting Books in a Library,” which helps explain some of why children like the sorts of scary stories they do, such as the one above, created by my son.

Children Selecting Books in a Library

Randall Jarrell

With beasts and gods, above, the wall is bright.
The child’s head, bent to the book-colored shelves,
Is slow and sidelong and food-gathering,
Moving in blind grace … yet from the mural, Care
The grey-eyed one, fishing the morning mist,
Seizes the baby hero by the hair
And whispers, in the tongue of gods and children,
Words of a doom as ecumenical as dawn
But blanched like dawn, with dew.

Read rest of poem 

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