Dailies 4/3/17 – The perfect poem eats its siblings. Plus: parakeets, a grasshopper, & the reason we sleep.




Jay Hopler – Beauty is a Real Thing, I’ve Seen It

If only those parakeets would settle
A little nearer to where I’m sitting, instead of at the tops of far-off
—–trees, this morning
Would be so much more remarkable.

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Carolyn Miller – Why We Sleep

  Vacation rental, Inverness, California

————–Because almost all the stew of spring
vegetables is gone; because only a spoonful of the homemade yogurt
————-brought from home remains; because
the fire is burning down, and the visitors have left on their long
————–drive back to the city; because

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Kaveh Akbar – The Perfect Poem

In god’s gleaming empire, herds of triceratops
lunge up on their hind legs to somersault
around the plains. The angels lie in the sun
using straight pins to eat hollyhocks. Mostly
they just rub their bellies and hum quietly

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Bessie Golding – Afternoon in a Claude Glass

A grasshopper stares at me backward, to soothe his painter’s eye.
He lives on thin ice.
Counting his steps to a wet leaf, like a mathematician in training he is

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