Prairie Schooner (a major lit mag) puts out their newsletter for April 1

Prairie Schooner Announces 
$28 “Submission Fee”  
Just as the pioneers in days of old supported one another, helping to fill up a traveling family’s “Prairie Schooner” with foods and other necessities before a long trip, so too does Prairie Schooner need your support. That’s why we are proud to announce a $28 “submission fee” that will be required payment for anyone wishing to submit to the journal. The $28 dollar fee will get you a free one-year subscription to the journal, as well as a handwritten thank-you card from one of our undergraduate interns or graduate student volunteers. For you cheapskates out there, this cloud has a silver lining: the fee won’t kick in until next Fall when submissions reopen after our annual summer siesta. So, if you want to submit to the journal without paying a dime, submit today. You have until May 1st (that’s one month from today) to send us your best work! If you want to get out of paying the fee in the future, become a subscriber ASAP. We’re more than willing to waive such pesky formalities for friends of the journal! Please direct any thoughts or feedback regarding our new journey to our aforementioned interns, who can be reached at
Coming Soon: Prairie Schooner Fashion Line
With our increased revenue from next Fall’s $28 submission fee, our next big idea is to build on the success of our baseball tees and introduce a line of sports-inspired garments during Fashion Week 2018 in New York City. We’ve teamed up with designers from Moschino, whose own sports-inspired offerings (see above) from recent years caught our eye. Becoming the first lit mag to enter into the world of high fashion is a daunting task, but one that we feel more than up to. Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook for more info on this exciting development!

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