Why don’t female poets collaborate as much as men? &! check out these Bro Books!


“For more than 200 years, male British authors (usually poets, usually in pairs) have co-written or co-edited collections, anthologies or scholarly travel journals. It’s a tradition that is in surprisingly rude health, with recent examples and forthcoming festivities marking the 50th anniversary of a collaboration that sold shedloads. The subgenre’s fundamental challenge (how – and how much – to write as ‘we’?) remains unsolved, however, as is the mystery of why female or mixed doubles pairings in all kinds of writing are comparatively rare. Do try, though, to avoid potentially hurtful comparisons to Bro (buddy) movies, Bro-country acts or rappers duetting: the writers involved are sensitive chaps.”

Why British poets are bringing the ‘Bro book’ back: From William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes, male authors have long collaborated in pairs – and the tradition is now stronger than ever – John Dugdale – The Guardian – 3/31/17

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