Dailies 3/30/17: a syllabus for the dark ahead, Georgia O’Keeffe’s patio, hitchhiking, & passing “inward,” not”on”



Jessica Jacobs – In the Patio IV 

Georgia O’Keeffe [Abiquiu House Courtyard; 1950]

Carried inside me
long as I can remember,
a child’s drawing of a door:

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David Hecker – Hitchhiking

The only time I ever hitchhiked,
my thumb attracted the driver
of a sixteen wheeler.
He said he needed
company to stay awake,
been on the road for eighteen hours,
hauling a huge caterpillar
on the back of his rig.

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Jehanne Dubrow – Syllabus for the Dark Ahead

Throughout this course,
we’ll study the American
landscape of our yard, coiled line

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Amit Majmudar – The Bear


A word peeked sometimes from the cave mouth
only to shuffle back, swallowed, sky-shy,
lost in his memory’s russet Lascaux.
The great-granddaughter we set on his lap

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