Dailies 3/27/17: clouds, metamorphosis, Darwinist logic on unrequited love, & the desire to not have one’s hard work recorded



Kevin Cutrer – The Lesser Light

Yesterday the talk was no clouds,
not a cloud to be seen, won’t life
be great from here on out . . .

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Tina Carlson – Ojo Caliente: Metamorphoses  

The summer was shattering.
Too much pressure and heat
change the nature of stone.
For this, we walk a dry path
under the spiraling flight of two eagles
disappearing into blue.

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Wendell Berry – XII.

The old man is in the last days
of work he has done and loved
for many years. He is mowing
with his old team, the white horse

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Katie Willingham – Darwinist Logic on Unrequited Love

To begin with the end, what the rain
did not uncover. A teacup overflows,
we call it a spill; a riverbed overflows, we
call it a flood, what it is to be

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