Dailies 3/23/17: sirens, a seascape, breaking up, & a deception story



Bethany Schultz Hurst – Seascape with Evacuating

all of the ocean creatures
have been ripped out
of the pop-up book          no one’s

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Tony Hoagland – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

On Friday afternoon David said he was divesting his holdings
in Stephanie dot org.
And Cindy announced she was getting rid of all her Dan-obelia,
and did anyone want a tennis racket or a cardigan?

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Solmaz Sharif – Deception Story


Friends describe my DISPOSITION

as stoic. Like a dead fish, an ex said. DISTANCE

is a funny drug and used to make me a DISTRESSED PERSON,

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Leslie Harrison – [Sirens]


I’m not Penelope married to faith married to waiting
bound in fine soft strands of silk dyed and stretched
in my world longing has teeth and fins has a taste
for blood longing is a room built entirely of knives


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