Dailies 1/21/17: realizing we’re all going to die, saying goodbye to a friend, exile & Fort Dada



Billy Collins – The Order of the Day

A morning after a week of rain
and the sun shot down through the branches
into the tall, bare windows.

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Danielle Hansen – Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Not needing a fire but starting one
because we already had the wood.
The smoke becoming women,
then a deep fog with men disappearing
into the ground.

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Mai Der Vang – Dear Exile,

Never step back    Never a last
Scent of plumeria

When my parents left
You knew it was for good

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Jaya Savige – Fort Dada


Once off the ship from sector blah blah
she checks into a spa in Baden Baden,
wet air spiced with a pile of old Who’s Whos
and warm custardy wafts of ylang ylang.

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