Dave Bonta – 20 March

the outermost spruce trees
rock in the wind
a grouse feather floats down

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Kim Dower – Room Service English Muffins

If you’ve ever had one you know what I’m saying:
soggy with steam, too much butter soaking into the crevices.
At first you’re mad—you told them butter on the side
but then you’re grateful to have it. Day after day

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Juan Felipe Herrera – María de la Luz Knows How to Walk

she ambles toward El Norte she remembers as she steps
wasps & spiders webbed in between the corn in Fowler
her mamá Concha’s story the fire she fanned to clear
the path through the thick burned stalks all this

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Cynthia Zarin – Meltwater

A gang of foxes on the wet road, fur
gaggle, the gutter a Ganges, gravel
rutting the glacier’s slur and cant. Old proof,
the past can’t solve itself, endlessly drawing

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