Dailies 3/19/17: philosophy, sleep falling, wise words from a dying woman, a mother’s ghost



Anne Porter – Susanna

Nobody in the hospital
Could tell the age
Of the old woman who
Was called Susanna

I knew she spoke some English
And that she was an immigrant
Out of a little country
Trampled by armies

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Dan Bellm – She waits

Looked for her in the
unseen—in the play of air
against the edge of

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Lana Hechtman Ayers – “V” from Manhattan Island 

To investigate the universe, converse with Aristotle,
whose insistence on wholeness misled astronomers
and mathematicians for centuries, or go knock on the door
of poor Copernicus whose heliocentric system shook

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Elinor Wylie – Bells in the Rain

Sleep falls, with limpid drops of rain,
Upon the steep cliffs of the town.
Sleep falls; men are at peace again
While the small drops fall softly down.

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