Marti Noel – Why We Climb Mountains

What we get from this adventure is just sheer
joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life.
—George Mallory

The ledge invites and frightens, loose gravel
scratching solid rock beneath your feet,
until the grating sound—the rasp and rattle—
is silenced as you step into complete

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Gary Soto – Field Poem

When the foreman whistled
My brother and I
Shouldered our hoes,
Leaving the field.

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Elena Karina Byrne -No, Don’t

for the two of me

the thing that eats the heart is mostly heart and there
I wish, in the burly sun blossom-backwards garden I was hungry,
so damn hungry and afraid again by full open-mouth-desire.

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Thomas McCarthy – The Land Is Not Settled

The land is not yet settled
After our years of pandemonium.
This time it is almost too late
To sing with full heart a parting hymn,
Or indulge in the usual fickle
Humour of things. It is too late

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