Dailies 3/16/17: tourists in Cape Cod, nomenclatures of invisibility, an Ogden Nash love poem & a plea to save the world, “even if it’s only a tortilla with Mary’s face.”



Tim Amsden – Even Rottweilers Sing 

The grass doesn’t love me though I nursed it, fussed over it in
the night like baby asparagus. Even trees show flexibility but I
can’t be expected to twitter with cowbirds, give doves milk,
carry nuns in my brain. I’m from Wichita, for God’s sake.

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Ogden Nash – For Frances

Geniuses of countless nations
Have told their love for generations
Till all their memorable phrases
Are common as goldenrod or daisies.

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Mahtem Shiferraw – Nomenclatures of Invisibility

My ancestors are made with water—
blue on the sides, and green down the spine;

when we travel, we lose brothers at sea
and do not stop to grieve.

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L.S. Klatt – The Wilderness After Which 


We went back to our quiet lives, & displaying our marigold spirit we prepared for the strangers that would inhabit Cape Cod. Look at us in our handsome waistcoats, they said as they arrived, graybeards with ruffled collars.

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