“Make America great again” Golden Shovel poems

imgresMary Schmich, a columnist from the Chicago Tribune, took inspiration from Terrance Hayes’ new “Golden Shovel” poetry form & asked her Facebook followers to create poems using the words “Make America great again.” She admits that “None of these verses will wind up in an anthology of the world’s greatest poems, but they remind us that in politics and poetry, words are what you make of them.”

Take the ‘Make America great again’ poetry challenge – Mary Schmich – Chicago Tribune – 3/10/17

“Here’s how the form works: Pick a line from a poem. Then write your own poem, using one word of the borrowed line as the last word of each line of yours. Keep the words in order.

“It’s time we make

This place we call America

Not just great

But good again.

“See how it works? Read the last word of each line and you get ‘Make America great again.’

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