“Rattle” poets respond to recent news: the discovery of 3 new planets, the grief of a Navy SEAL’s widow, & the latest assault on Jewish cemetery headstones


In response to the recent discovery of three planets occupying that charmed region around a close-by star:”

Dore Kiesselbach – GOLDILOCKS ZONE

After five clear nights below zero we take our
skates to the lake. Scant snow this winter
means unsquare miles shed shine in front
of us, not just the area normally groomed

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In response to the way that “During the President’s address to Congress on Tuesday, we watched as the camera focused for two interminable minutes on the private grief of Carryn Owens, whose husband, Navy SEAL Senior Chief Ryan Owens, was killed in the late-January raid in Yemen:”

Mai-Lan Pham – PAUSE

Soon enough you grow tired of it—
the clamoring
gale force wind of loss,
the things that make you angry,
and the anger itself.

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In response to “the news of another assault on cemetery headstones.” 


Those headstones at Mount Carmel, each
must weigh more than a man, and taken
a couple of men a piece to bring down,
one then the next, nearly a hundred,
into the night. This was a team,


(poetry diary  202-3/11/17) I’m cheating today on my Poetry Diary by using the space for the most recent Rattle “Poets Respond” poems. 🙂 )

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