(poetry diary  200-3/9/17) I like to read weird poems that don’t make a huge amount of sense when I’m confused, as I find them soothing. Today I’m posting “Everything Good Between Men and Women” because I love it for its weirdness and because I’m confused about how to react after an episode at my son’s after care program where they celebrated International Women’s Day by giving the girls red Rosie the Riveter bandannas and having them flex their arms for a photo op during which the boys were told (not sure by who, whether the young girls or the counselors) to stand in the background and “look scared.” How, as a feminist-parent of a 5 year old boy, should I feel about this?

Argh. Argh. Argh. Soothing myself with C.D. Wright’s weird but beautiful


has been written in mud and butter
and barbecue sauce. The walls and
the floors used to be gorgeous.
The socks off-white and a near match.