Dailies 3/8/17: A ghost talks about violence. Plus: weather, the Earth, & androids.



Earth – Jennifer Givhan

You knock my socks off. I mean
when I’m sitting on the grass

I need my feet bare, and the inchworms
mulling the dirt of me, of you, I’ve carried

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Faith Shearin – Weather 

There is weather on the day you are born
and weather on the day you die. There is
the year of drought, and the year of floods,
when everything rises and swells,

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L.S. Klatt – The Sapient

When diagnosing diseases of the
brain, it’s natural to think of grass-
fed, pasture-raised androids. The
androids on hands & knees do every-
thing involuntarily. If they love the

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Khadijah Queen– Violence, I know you

so well it’s like you’re my real
lover, the reason I can’t stay
attached to anyone, making a heaven
out of beginning again & you
knock at my voice

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