Rhymey timey bo bimey


(poetry diary  198-3/7/17) My five year old has been given  rhyming homework by his teacher, i.e.  to come up w/a sentence containing many rhymes for 1 word, such as “at.”  He went  with “The Fat Rat spat on Super Cat.” This all reminds me of one of my favorite poems, which I find wonderful due to all of its “ate” rhymes:

To Kate, Skating Better Than Her Date – David Daiches

Wait, Kate! You skate at such a rate
You leave behind your skating mate.
Your splendid speed won’t you abate?
He’s lagging far behind you, Kate.
He brought you on this skating date
His shy affection thus to state,

Read rest of poem at “The Writing Company” (scroll down to #4) 

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