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Ralph Stevens – A World of Singers

We live in a world of singers
and the song is loud or soft, sweet
or shrill, sometimes silent. But listen.
With a storm approaching someone
shelters a robin’s nest.

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Carolina Ebeid  – Soul Out of a Magician’s Hat 


My gratitude for your sketch of the hand

that brushes the hair;

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Kim Dower – He said I wrote about death,

and I didn’t mean to, this was not
my intent. I meant to say how I loved
the birds, how watching them lift off
the branches, hearing their song
helps me get through the gray morning.

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Bill Knott – By the River Baab 

We know that somewhere far north of here
the two rivers Ba and Ab converge to form
this greater stream that sustains us, uniting
the lifeblood length of our lands: and we believe
that the Ba’s source is heaven, the Ab’s hell.

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