Dailies 3/3/17: rats & poets, thinning apples, saying “I love you” too much, & the Dark Times

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For the Poet Who Told Me Rats Aren’t Noble Enough Creatures for a Poem – Elizabeth Acevedo  

Because you are not the admired nightingale.
Because you are not the noble doe.
Because you are not the blackbird,
picturesque ermine, armadillo, or bat.
They’ve been written, and I don’t know their song
the way I know your scuttling between walls.

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I Love You – Billy Collins

Early on, I noticed that you always say it
to each of your children
as you are getting off the phone with them
just as you never fail to say it
to me whenever we arrive at the end of a call.

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Ghazal: The Dark Times – Marilyn Hacker

Tell us that line again, the thing about the dark times…
“When the dark times come, we will sing about the dark times.”

They’ll always be wrong about peace when they’re wrong about justice…
Were you wrong, were you right, insisting about the dark times?

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Thinning Apples at Ludag – Niall Campbell 

Gone untrimmed, when the yield came down
perhaps I’d think that I was rich—
buckets and basins running over.
But all would be small: small blushed skin

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