Dailies 3/2/17: Daphne, sickness, kids growing up (ow) & a fictional mistress of Louis XV


“Apollo and Daphne” by Bernini 


Lignum Vitae – Kevin Craft

Galleria  Borghese

Caught mid-stride, taproots, tendrils shooting down
from tripped toes like a mangrove straining
an estuary, no part of Daphne
touches ground,

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Turning – Joseph Mills

My friend’s kid runs the sideline, gets a pass,
turns, and scores with a kick to the near post.

It’s how the play should go, but at this age
rarely does. My son sprints to him, arms up.

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Before Results – Sophie Klahr 

What could we do with our sickness,
would we skin or husk or hurry it?
Worry under it? Carry it gently
as it will shatter if held

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Elsa Is Involved in a Clandestine Love Affair – Angela Veronica Wong

There is no fixed place and by that I mean
take a look at things that are. Split by the
turn of year, its newness and all it brings,
which of its possibilities can we trust?

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