Dailies 3/1/17: art, wind, dresses, & a cache of photos of the last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker



Extinction Event:
A Cache of Photos of the Last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker – David Wojahn 

after J. T. Tanner & Rice Miller


The feet, gladiator tridents, creeping up the sleeve of J.J. Kugh,
who stands implacably still.
Adolescent, fearless, feathers a-bristle, he can afford to be clownish,
ascending the summit of Kugh’s
tattered deerstalker. & there he perches, a guffawing Mohawk-ed Buddha,
bill elongate and a-gleam,

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Wind Trumps the World – Garret Keizer 

Wind that takes the dead
wood from the trees,
that makes our willow drop
its dry branches like a busted thief
emptying his pockets onto the ground,

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My time in better dresses – Marge Piercy

I remember job hunting in my shoddy
and nervous working class youth,
how I had to wear nylons and white
gloves that were dirty in half an hour
for jobs that barely paid for shoes.

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Art – Erika Jo Brown

Not many passions take your pants off—
painting with oils, reading in the afternoon,
other people’s bodies. I want to really
say something here. I want to be clear.

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