The Truth about Fences – Sonja Johanson

They only hold in those who are willing
to be held. Horses prove it all the time,
unlatching gates in their idle moments.
I once saw a cornered ewe leap a six
foot buck fence because she didn’t feel
like going where the border collie wanted
her to go. She wasn’t even afraid.

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The Blackboard – Mark Jarman

The teacher faces me to write in chalk.
Our faces are the black ones in the room.
The words between us are a kind of talk.

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At Harlem Hospital across the street from the Schomburg the only thing to eat is a Big Mac – Samiya Bashir

after Z. S.

Still, somehow we are
carousel. We spin bodies
to the wall and back.

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One Body – Natalie Scenters-Zapico 



Two ids walk into one body & fight over whether to break melon on the kitchen counter & eat it by the fistful or to throw the melon out a shut window & watch it break on the pavement, stabbed by shards of glass.

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