first snow, the desire for a new heart, going to an art museum w/one’s mom, & “a useful relationship though not a tight one, / for between us we knew there was something to lose.”



First Snow – Louise Glück

Like a child, the earth’s going to sleep,
or so the story goes.

But I’m not tired, it says.
And the mother says, You may not be tired but I’m tired—

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At the Metropolitan Museum – Matthew Siegel

I had sworn I wouldn’t write
another poem about my mom
but in the museum there is a room
filled with centuries-old pottery sherds
and it is difficult not to start seeing
symbols everywhere. We walk through

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My Heart – Barbara Crooker

I want a new heart,
not this bit of chipped
blue ice. Cracked
asphalt parking lot.

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Iridin – Joan Naviyuk Kane 


A coastline, a transitional place
bears evidence of others dwelling:

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