I’d like to live in a less interesting time now, please.


Interesting Times
Mark Jarman
Everything’s happening on the cusp of tragedy, the tip of comedy, the pivot of event.
You want a placid life, find another planet. This one is occupied with the story’s arc:
About to happen, on the verge, horizontal. You want another planet, try the moon.
Try any of the eight, try Planet X. It’s out there somewhere, black with serenity.
How interesting will our times become? How much more interesting can they become?
(poetry diary 172 – 2/8/17.) Wondering whether Jarman would write the poem differently now that our times have become excessively interesting. Would his poem be less meditative/more frantic to fit w/the current Zeitgeist? Not that it should be changed…just wondering whether he would have written it differently at a different time, due to different circumstances and reactions.
When searching for a gif of the phrase “May you live in interesting times” I found out that although it is often cited as a Chinese curse,  it is,  according to the Quote Investigator, probably not one.

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