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‘There Was a Great Want of Civility’ – Julie Suarez


All night in the trees,
the whispering,
a great disorder, not the way

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CLOUD-PATH – Tess Gallagher

With steps freshened

by wearing a man’s cast-off shoes,

I follow the rain-rutted road

as far as the fishing boats

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THE INFINITE – Charles Simic

The infinite yawns and keeps yawning.

Is it sleepy?

Does it miss Pythagoras?

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THE SUBLIME – Richard Garcia

Now, when they remember it, they think that perhaps they had heard the approach of the sublime—like a distant hum of huge machinery, long before it arrived. As it drew closer there was no mistaking it as hundreds of swaths of trees in the forest across the valley lay down in supplication. Some of the survivors describe it as an approaching shadow. Some say it became midnight in the afternoon, and they saw

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Assisted Living – J. Allyn Rosser

They sit at tables close enough around
To nudge, reach for salt, and chat about the day,
But none of them has all that much to say.
Their voices dissipate and ravel. They sound
As though they’re calling out from far away.

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