Dailies 2/1/17: A poet declares that ” I’d rob a bank but I’m a poet.” Another retreats to a Heronry. One more writes of a religious experience on a warship, & 1 last says “I shall love you always./ No matter what party is in power.”



Religious Experience – Christopher Howell

Once during a lightning storm at sea
a man danced on the flight deck
and loosed a sort of singing
in a language no one knew.

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C.R.E.A.M. – Danez Smith

after Morgan Parker, after Wu-Tang

———-in the morning I think about money

—–green horned lord of my waking

———-forest in which I stumbled toward no salvation

————–prison made of emerald & pennies

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The Heronry – Mark Jarmon


After a year of too much face time,
I came where I could choose, instead of people,
birds and their slant gaze, water, trees and clouds,
the gossip and confidences of cat’s-paw breezes
across the face of a lagoon.

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Modern Declaration – Edna St.Vincent Millay

I, having loved ever since I was a child a few things, never
—-having wavered
In these affections; never through shyness in the houses of the
—-rich or in the presence of clergymen· having denied these loves

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