Dailies 1/30/17: the history of running, “the flea,” a mother’s teachings, & truth going through a leaky funnel



The History of Running – Elizabeth Langemak


The history of running is mostly away,

not chasing but chased, crashing

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What She Taught Me – Marjorie Saiser

She taught me linking verbs, predicate nouns,
long division, have a Kleenex ready, an apple
a day. She taught me three-quarter time, Greenwich

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Beginners – Michael Klein


Truth went through a leaky funnel starting in late 1963

that blade-lit afternoon Gary Orrin laughed at Kennedy’s murder

bleeding through the static of P.S. 41’s cheap PA. There’s Greenwich Village—

a drowsy dandelion—I called it once—and there

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La Pulga – Esteban Rodríguez

Sunday morning strolls along the frontage road
like a censer-swinging priest, scrapes its sunlight
against the corroded chainlink fence, between
the lines of traffic overflowing from the entrance,

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