‘Independently Blue’

Julien Poirier

It’s easy to fly a flag when you live in a nice house
in a beautiful city.
Things have worked out nicely for you,
and you think everyone can agree
this is the greatest country on earth.

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WE DEFY AUGURY – Austin Smith

Reading the word inauguration for the hundredth time
In the news, I caught it carrying the word augur inside it.
Augur, as in the priest in ancient Rome who was asked
To interpret the behavior of birds as an indication
Of divine approval or disapproval of some action
Being considered by the state. I see him on a hillside


THE DOG GOD – Asiya Wadud

for Soleil

Some say the dog god infinite empire. Some say turn the same stone until the work is done. Some say burnish the dog god against a slick cutting stone. Some say wait until each stone is turned. Some suns light others too much, some need it urgent, some just yearn, some say the dog

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“Tiny” – Simon Armitage 

Simon has taken his father, Peter,

—–to the town’s museum on No Through Road

to see for himself the world’s smallest dog.

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The Head of a Dancer – Mary Jo Bang

The days when you lean your head forward, then pull your

head back, to see the sun is only a chrysanthemum, the eye is

a white lake with a black boat moored at a particle pier that

says what you want back isn’t coming. The white speck says

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