(poetry diary 157) I bet there are going to be some excellent epistles (i.e. poems written in letter-form)  inspired by all of the people writing to and calling their senators right now.  (I’m thinking of “Action One” of the 10 Actions for 100 Days project re: the Women’s March….) 

This isn’t an epistle, but it’s a good piece to read right now. It’s a reminder, among other things, of what great things can and have been done by people during their regular lives.

Rosa Parks

Nikki Giovanni

This is for the Pullman Porters who organized when people said
they couldn’t. And carried the Pittsburgh Courier and the Chicago
Defender to the Black Americans in the South so they would
know they were not alone. This is for the Pullman Porters who
helped Thurgood Marshall go south and come back north to fight
the fight that resulted in Brown v. Board of Education because