“The mystique of poetry being impenetrable was just created by nose-hoisters who don’t want to admit that an everyday headbanger can enjoy Pablo Neruda as much as they can.”

“There’s something about poetry that speaks to metalheads. Perhaps it’s the fact that unlike prose, which can often be flubbed in the name of melodrama or mainstream acceptability, poetry needs to be pointed. As with a killer riff or blastbeat, every word of a poem needs to earn its keep, and those that are superfluous are very obviously so. Like metal, when poetry is bad it is just fucking awful. When it’s good, there’s nothing better in this world.”

The Ten Most Metal Poems – Emperor Rhombus  – Metal Sucks – 1/19/17

Thanks to my metalhead husband for drawing my attention to this. The list contains poems by, among others, Margaret Atwood and Randall Jarrell and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Yup.

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