this isn’t / anarchy it isn’t anything you / could name

(poetry diary 155) -Donating to Planned Parenthood and going to one of the campus gatherings in support of the Women’s March this morning. Although I don’t “get” this whole Alice Notley poem (found in the Poetry Foundation’s online anthology of “Poems of Protest, Resistance and Empowerment“) I’m finding lines from it appropriate for today.
Alice Notley
It was a poem
men took because it said ovary
didn’t take my
political poems
they took the one that said ovary
Are you sure it was because it 
           said ovary?
Yes, for them that’s logical.

Image taken from article 

What’s Up, Pussy Hat? Knitting Activists Cause Shortages of Pink Yarn – Jennifer Luxton – Yes Magazine – 1/10/17

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